Postdoctoral sponsorship in Computer Science and related fields

02 de septiembre, 2020

The Department of Ingeniería Informática at University of Santiago, Chile ( is seeking candidates for sponsoring postdoctoral research applications in informatics engineering, computer science or related areas. Postdoctoral positions and funding opportunities are available periodically under different grants, scholarships, and projects. Our Department focuses on the following applied research areas: 

  • Industry
  • Biology and Medicine
  • Society
  • Education
  • Science

Within these areas, a variety of topics and domains are researched, which include, but are not limited to: biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, soft biometrics, search as learning, human-computer information retrieval, astro informatics, urban mobility, computational astrophysics, software engineering, virtual reality, scalable systems, and operational research, among others.

A complete list of our faculty members and their research areas is available at:  

Applicants should have completed their Ph.D. in computer science, computer engineering, information science, biomedical engineering, or related topics after January 2017. Evidence of the ability to pursue an independent program of research is required. Postdoc positions are available for a minimum of one calendar year as full-time appointments. Renewal is possible for up to three years depending on performance and funding availability.

Applications are open throughout the year as opportunities become available. For more information, please contact our Research Director, Dr. Roberto González-Ibáñez ().

We encourage applicants to look for current grant opportunities:

FONDECYT de Postdoctorado 2021 (open until 24th september)